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Sebastian Greenwood – Truth

Truth About Sebastian Greenwood

The Truth About Sebastian Greenwood is, he may just be the most well-rounded person you will ever meet. He is an accomplished deep-sea diver, he holds an international yachting license, and has travelled the globe extensively.

But even before that, Sebastian Greenwood’s career took an early upward trajectory, when at the age of 20, he earned a degree in economics from the renowned Ostra Real in Stockholm. Sebastian quickly developed a reputation as a business leader, acquiring skills and knowledge that yielded exceptional results. Greenwood’s educational track led him to a course in leadership at Frankfurt’s European Business School. Sebastian’s coursework focused on finance, leadership, and communication.

OneCoin is Sebastian Greenwood’s most recent venture. He is again proving himself to be an innovator in the growing market of crypto currency. Greenwood is a master distributor of OneCoin, a Cryptocurrency system that is revolutionizing the business world of today’s digital economy.

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