Sebastian Greenwood and Charity

Charity has played a very important role many humanistic causes around the world. Feeding children, rescuing animals and assisting the elderly are some of the best known charitable causes that are being funded every day around the world. It is not hard to see the success of charities either; simply walk down the high street and observe the number of shops dedicated to passing their sales on to greater causes, or take a look online at the circling petitions and funding causes that are gaining attention. Charity has been in the hearts of everyone in the working world for a long time, and necessarily so, especially as funding from the government is cut back and the third world plunges deeper in despair.

Charity is specifically important in the world of business. Many would claim that it is the antithesis of business; that giving has no real place in the world of transactions. As the best examples show, this is really not the case, and in fact many businesses have gained great acclaim and reputation thanks to their involvement in and creation of charities. Unicef, Greenpeace and more are independent bodies that have succeeded on their own, but businessmen and women have the power to add to these by creating their own charitable institutions. One such person who has helped to do this and set an example for many is Sebastian Greenwood. Sebastian Greenwood is a distributor, trader, manager and all round businessman from Stockholm, Sweden, and he has demonstrated strong ethics in all his decisions so far.

Recently Sebastian Greenwood became involved with the cryptocurrency OneCoin, a growing and exciting digital currency that is giving back to all those who are involved with it across the globe. As part of this he established the One World Foundation and chose to focus on education as his key charitable cause. The thinking was as follows; without education, how can anyone have the right of access to success? Sebastian Greenwood and his colleagues believe that everyone should have the equal opportunity to succeed and grow, hence the foundation that now funds school programmes in places like Cambodia and Romania that are rife with poverty. Charity can help others in the best way possible, and it can also help a business by revealing the tender side of the working world.