Sebastian Greenwood, A Strong PMO Has A Key Role To Play In Business Success

What is a PMO and what does it do?

Before we delve into the idea of what exactly a PMO does and how crucial it is for the success of your business, it is important to know what is a PMO and what role it plays in an organization. The full form of PMO is project management office. Project management office is basically a team that can be internal or external in a company that sets and carries out project management in an organization. PMOs help an organization to meet client expectations. They come up with best practices and maintain project status. PMOs at the end of the day are responsible to deliver to the projects to the company’s stakeholders.

A PMO has one major task, that is, to see that the company’s stakeholders are satisfied and the company delivers the projects and programs on time. A PMO ensures that all the procedures, practices and operations in a company go as per the plan. A PMO might make new rules for a better project delivery, but studies have shown that a company with a PMO delivers better than a company without one. As Sebastian Greenwood rightly quotes Mark Caine, “The first step toward success is taken when you refuse to be a captive of the environment in which you first find yourself.”

How does a strong PMO help?

PMOs are crucial to project delivery; hence it is very important that PMOs are strong in an organization. PMOs help in the following ways:

  • PMOs ensure that right people take the right decisions based on correct information.
  • PMOS are a single source of information.
  • As PMOs keep all the information one team can make use of the best practices of another team by just reaching out to the PMO.
  • PMO keeps a track of all the project development and ensures that project teams do not waste their time in bureaucracy.

Hence a PMO plays some crucial functions. A strong PMO helps in business successes in the following ways:

  • Aligns corporate strategy and corporate culture together.
  • Provides tangible and long-term benefits to business that can be used in the long run.
  • The corporate strategies are developed in such a manner that they can be easily adapted to any change.
  • It makes sure that the organization performs highly.
  • Is a one-stop shop where one can share resources and methodologies.

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