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OneCoin Benefits

Learn About the OneCoin Benefits

There are numerous OneCoin Benefits! Onecoin is a brand NEW cryptocurrency, not just another ALT-coin!
This means that Onecoin is NOT created using the Bitcoin algorithm with small changes. Onecoin use a custom made solution, which has elements of scrypt and x11.
The algorithm will be open source once all coins are mined, so it’s protected against over mining.
Onecoin as a coin is not out on the market yet, it’s in Pre-mining.
It will be released on all the crypto exchanges sometime around may. When 100 million coins are created.

Main OneCoin Benefits

– This currency is the first cryptocurrency to be fully traceable and no longer anonymous, so all the banks will accept it as a real currency.
Comparing to BTC, that is anonymous but banned in many countries and banks, Onecoin is looking to be the ONE currency that people will use in the future.

– It’s also the first crypto that are backed up with real gold.

– The first crypto to have a MLM business

– Will be 100% mined by it’s members, so profit stays with the members.

– First crypto EVER to hire an auditor who will (with IT experts) audit the blockchain monthly. No other cryptocurrency does this. So the members can know, that the blockchain is real and there are no coins mined outside and no transactions outside.

– Created by developers of bitcoin

The Future of Onecoin:

Exchange starting value will be €0.5 per coin

Growth potential the first year:
Optimistic Scenario €2.50
Base Scenario €5.0
In 3 years based on BTC’s success:
Optimistic Scenario €100
Base Scenario €50

Bonus OneCoin Benefits
The MLM program in Onecoin is based by a lot of different of bonuses.

Direct Sales Bonus. On all personally generated sales you will receive a 10% bonus based on the Business Volume (BV) associated to the various packages.

Network Bonus. You get paid 10% of the Business Volume that you accumulate on your weaker side.
Matching Bonus. Matching Bonus is designed to help you to grow your team and make you successful. When you help others earn, you also earn. Depending on the package you have, you can earn matching bonus on up to 4 Generations and up to 25%!
Start-up Bonus. Achieve the goal of 5500BV during your first 30 days and get 10% extra on direct sales.

RECOGNITION REWARDS for your MLM growth. Everything from a Sapphire Pin – A diamond travel and 500k Euro in AGC coins
ONE-LIFE Points: receive points every day based on your network. You can exchange your points for attractive items – as unique holidays, luxury watches and other amazing and exclusive rewards.

GOLD BONUS.  Get free Aurum Gold Coin, every coin is backed up with 1mg solid GOLD.

Bonuses paid in Euros every monday.

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