Sebastian Greenwood – Integrity in the Modern World of Business

It is not secret today that the world of business is saturated and confusing place. The media proliferates news about scams, dishonesty and disaster coming from some of the highest places in the corporate world. Perhaps the culmination of it all the most recent recession of 2008 in which bankers around the world were exposed as employing deeply inefficient tactics in their work. The truth was that financial workers had been, among-st other things, giving out more than they could really afford to, and expecting more back than was realistic. Following these foolish actions the finance world collapsed, bringing many more markets down with it. The actions of the banks in 2008 were unfair and inconsiderate to those around them, and since this time it seems that the world of corporations and business has been tarnished as something to be suspicious of.

This raises the important issue of integrity in today’s business practices. It is a firm belief of any good businessman or woman that the people of the present should not suffer for the mistakes of the past. But if this is to be so, how can one preserve the respectability of business and entrepreneurship in the light of such errors? How redeemable is this important world of transaction? The answer lies in responsible individual practice and the personal attitude of single traders around the world. One such trader, Sebastian Greenwood, is an upholder of these principles and has proven to his customers that deals can always be honest and rewarding for both parties.

By giving back as much as possible to the people involved in his world he acknowledges their importance. This is something of huge importance, especially in the context of today’s world. It emphasizes that people are more than elements in a transaction, more than counterparts to a deal and a means to success. The tenet rings true in Sebastian’s actions as his success is enabled by those around him, and he gives back to them as often as they give to him. Truly, it is a giving world that he initiates when it comes to business.